What Makes Us Different?

What separates Accell from other management firms is the quality of information and management services we provide. To start, Accell's CAP Report (Community Association Profile) provides an unmatched resource for orienting and educating new home buyers to the responsibilities of homeownership and homeowner association living. Our Board Orientation Handbook is an effective reference guide designed to escort board members through the fundamentals of responsible community leadership including litigation-free dispute resolution techniques. Further, homeowner involvement is positively channeled with the help of Accell's committee guidelines and charters.

We understand the complexity and difficulties in starting up a new community in today’s real estate environment. To assist our developer clients, free of charge, Accell provides full document review with constructive feedback. This service is highly beneficial to our developer clients in establishing governing documents that frame a positive foundation for the operation of the Association and relationship with Declarant.

Finally, Accell has placed significant emphasis on creating information databases and reports that optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of our resources. On a daily basis Accell utilizes a work order database to process, track and report on homeowner service requests. Architectural applications are logged into a database to track plan review and approvals. After performing an inspection of your community, your HOA manager will be able to generate customized letters to homeowners concerning matters relating to compliance with the rules and architectural standards within your community. Information from all databases can instantly be translated into customizable reports for review by the board and further follow-up by the manager. Additionally, our management systems and expertise will provide your association with a comprehensive preventive maintenance program that automatically generates work orders specifying preventive maintenance tasks designed to enhance and extend the life of key community assets and components.