1. Owner Invoicing


Accell mails an assessment billing statement to each property owner on a monthly basis. Statements include balance forward amounts and detail the past thirty (30) days of activity.

Association's may print messages on the front of the statements and or use the billing stubs as a questionnaire for important community issues. Newsletter may be printed on the back of the statement to save costs and assist in communication with property owners. All of these are excellent communication tools.


2. Vendor Invoices


All vendor and utility invoicing is approved by the Association's community manager. The manager also assigns general ledger coding for payment. Once the invoice is placed into VMS (Village Management Software), the board will receive notification to approve pending invoice for payment. Once approved by board members, a check is immediately processed and sent to the vendor. Check runs are performed on a daily basis.


3. Accrual and Cash Accounting


Accell normally prepares the monthly interim financial statements on a modified accrual (only accounts receivable transactions are accrued) or on a cash basis. Full accrual accounting is possible but is time consuming and more costly. We would be happy to work with your board to arrange appropriate financial reporting that meets your needs.


4. Statement Format


Accell prepares all financial reports and reconciliations in-house and has the ability to customize our financial reporting.


5. Timing


Financial Statements are prepared and emailed to the board of directors between the 20th -25th of each month.


6. Audit & Taxes


Accell works with the CPA selected by the board in preparing the year-end audit and tax returns for your community. Typically Accell will make documents available to the auditor prior to year's end to facilitate and speed this process. Fiscal Year-End closing statements are provided as soon as they become available.


7. Budgets


Accell recommends reserve studies begin 6-8 months prior to your fiscal year's end to provide reasonable time for the preparation of a draft study, review by the board and finalization of the reserve report.

Accell incorporates reserve study recommendations into a proposed budget worksheet, which is submitted to the board 60 days prior to the end of the fiscal year. Budget worksheets are prepared in VMS (Village Management Software), include comparisons to the most recent budget, actual costs and budgeting notes.



1. Banks


Accell works with most banks and financial institutions serving in Orange County.   Board members select all appropriate investments and institutions for their association funds.

Accell does require each association to maintain one operating checking account at Alliance Association Bank for a daily deposit of property owner assessment payments. Board members control the balance of this account.


2. Investments


Because of the sensitivity and specialty nature of this area, Accell recommends the association work with a certified financial consultant in developing investment strategies. Accell has worked with many such advisors on behalf of our client associations in the past and can recommend a qualified consultant for your homeowners association.            In addition, we will also be happy to share with you our experience with regards to appropriate association investments.


3. Contractors


Accell currently works with many highly skilled and qualified contractors on behalf of our client associations. Contractors are screened for appropriate license and insurance certifications. Bidding is based on written specifications using open and sealed bidding procedures as specified by the board.                                                                                                            

Accell company policy prohibits acceptance of gratuities or referral fees from association contractors. An exception is allowed for small gifts (may not exceed a $35.00 value) traditionally given in the spirit of the holiday season.


4. Internal Software


Village Management Software can and will increase the efficiency and productivity of your community manager, which gives Accell the competitive edge in the industry.

VMS is not just a single program, but a variety of management tools including accounting, compliance, collections, and delinquency control, to interactive web modules allowing residents, community managers, board members and vendors to interact and communicate in real time.



1. Meetings


Accell prepares a meeting board packet which is emailed to the board members one week prior to the meeting. The board packet includes a table of contents as well as all association reports generated in between board meetings. Accell's management representative takes the meeting minutes and prepares an action item list from every meeting. The action item list containing updates is emailed to the board on a weekly basis.


2. Newsletters


Newsletters provide a valuable and effective means of communicating with community members. Associations utilize volunteers to prepare the newsletters. 

Accell encourages this communication and will assist in the preparation and layout of your newsletter at no additional charge. If you have newsworthy information to disseminate, then a monthly newsletter may be appropriate. Accell will assist your community in developing appropriate forms of newsletters for your community. Examples include flash minutes, board notes, billing statement messages and formal newsletters.


3. Telephone Calls


All telephone calls are returned within 24 hours at the latest.


4. Written Correspondence


Accell ‘s priority is customer service and open communication. Therefore, Accell responds to every piece of correspondence received. No matter how big or small the issue, the customer is always entitled to a response. For those matters in which we require direction from the board or a committee, we frequently send our friendly response cards just to let the senders know we received their correspondence and that action is pending.


5. Manager's Case Load


While the case load of property managers fluctuates depending on the intensity of the projects managed and managers' abilities, we generally find a case load between 5-6 projects is appropriate. Our firm is currently averaging 5.75 projects per HOA manager. In addition, each manager is assisted by a support staff that averages 2.1 communities per employee. All of our employees are cross-trained and can assist property owners from any of the communities Accell manages.


6. Emergency Services:


Accell maintains a 24-hour answering service with qualified personal on-call 365 days per year.


Commercial Properties

Accell has actively managed commercial homeowners associations since 1994. About 10% of our clients are business parks, retail centers and office parks operating as commercial homeowners associations. Our extensive specialized knowledge of common interest development commercial properties and management of associations makes us uniquely qualified to represent your property. 


One Last Thing...

We don't stop here. Accell is dedicated to a continued process of quality improvement and advancement. For this reason, we welcome your suggestions and ideas.