We Make Living in Your Community Association Easier

As an Accredited Association Management Company and one of Southern California's most trusted and respected homeowners association management groups, Accell Property Management takes great pride in offering the best quality service for today's homeowners and HOA board members. We're here to help our communities operate efficiently, become financially strong and develop a more contented place to live.  See how our innovative approach and commitment to serving you can enhance your homeowners association.  Request a quote today.

Company Purpose

Everything in life has a purpose. Discovering your purpose and achieving it is what defines success.  Our success is powered by the following purposes.

Purpose to Clients: Making Living in a Community Association Easier

Provide homeowners and HOA board members with the management services and care that ease the responsibilities of living in a homeowners association.

Purpose to Employees: Improve Quality of Life

Support employees in meeting the needs of their families, personal growth, achieving professional goals, and obtaining just financial benefits.

Purpose to Vendors: Provide Fair Opportunities

Impart fair opportunities upon vendors to provide goods and services at a reasonable profit.

Purpose to Community: Share with Those Less Fortunate

Share our success with those in our community who do not enjoy the opportunities, benefits and rewards that have been our privilege.

What Makes Accell Different?

Technology and Business Systems That Work for You

What separates Accell from other HOA management firms is the quality of information and services we provide. Accell has placed significant emphasis on creating information databases and reports that optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of our resources while providing our board members with valuable insight into the operations and activities of their association.

On a daily basis, Accell utilizes a work order database to process, track and report on homeowner service requests. Architectural applications are logged into a database to track plan review and approvals. After performing an inspection of your community, your HOA manager will be able to generate customized letters to homeowners concerning matters relating to compliance with the rules and regulations and architectural standards within your community. This information can instantly be translated into a report for review by the board and further follow up by the manager.

Additionally, our management systems and expertise provide your association with a comprehensive preventive maintenance program that automatically generates work orders specifying preventive maintenance tasks designed to enhance and extend the life of key community assets and components.

Contact us today for more information about our HOA management services and learn how Accell Property Management can help your Southern California homeowners association run more efficiently.

You Have Our Commitment

  • Commitment to providing professional and caring customer service to homeowners association members based on an open and honest relationship.
  • Commitment to professionalism from our staff though education, integrity, excellence and effectiveness to insure a high level of quality customer service.
  • Commitment to quality customer service by creating a sense of ownership that leads to high levels of accountability, reliability and responsiveness from our staff.
  • Commitment to an open and honest relationship with our employees to instill the desire to achieve the highest level of professionalism.
  • Commitment to the continued adoption and application of new technologies to improve the quality of our customer service.
  • Commitment to our vendors by providing a fair playing field and opportunity to generate lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships between homeowners association members and community association vendors.
  • Commitment to providing high-quality end results using Accell’s standard procedures and policies.