Clean Water Practices

Water quality management guidelines to protect our storm drains, channels, creeks, bays and ocean through the prevention of water pollution.

Clean Water Household Tips
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Everyday tips to prevent water pollution

Proper Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste
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The ocean begins at your front door.

Storm Water and Urban Runoff Pollution and What You Can Do to Stop It!
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Even though you live miles from the Pacific Ocean, you may be polluting it without knowing it. Before you put anything into the gutter or down the drain, stop and think!

Water Quality Guidelines for Landscaping and Gardening
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This brochure has been prepared to inform gardeners and landscapers of appropriate practices for landscape and garden maintenance activities in Orange County in order to protect the storm drains, channels, creeks, bays and ocean.

Water Quality Guidelines for Pet Care Activities
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This brochure is intended to explain the regulatory issues regarding pet care activities and suggest what you can do to prevent these activities from causing water quality problems.

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